Glenwood Springs Airport (GWS)


Lat: N39°30.50'
Long: W107°18.69'
Elevation: 5916 Ft MSL

14/32 3305x50 Ft-Asphalt

  • RWY 32 preferred for arrivals and RWY 14 for departures winds permitting

  • RWY 14 departure - stay left over Highway 82 until leaving 7,000 for noise abatement.
Lights: None


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    Aerial View
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Airport Services:

  • 100LL
  • 24 Hour Self Service (Credit Card)
  • Overnight Parking, Tie-down and Hangar Fees
  • Engine Overhaul and Pilot Shop Available, Premier Aviation 970-945-2909
  • Scenic Flights Available call - 970-618-0778

Noise and Landing Procedures:

  • Pattern altitudes of 1,000 are recommended (not mandatory). The AIM (4-3-4) suggests that high-performance aircraft should fly patterns 500' higher than low performance 7,000 MSL
  • Prefer RWY 32 for arrivals and RWY 14 for departures weather permitting
  • No touch and go or night landings

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